About Us


Global Land & Techno Solutions Corporation (GLATS) is a Design and Construction firm established to introduce Japanese Technology and design in the Philippine setting. GLATS envisions to provide a better alternative solution to the existing styles practiced in land development and to provide the key answers to current industry dilemmas in the country. Still at its early stage, GLATS foresees to set new standards in today’s business market through incorporation of environmental awareness. Among this is the efficient application of innovative and technical solutions to its projects with the goal of providing luxurious and sensible living in this modern day and age. The experienced leaders of GLATS will ensure the sustainability of the projects to provide better living solutions to its target market.


Company Profile


The primary mission is to become a leader in real estate development and construction industry in the Philippines. The Corporation will support this mission through secondary objectives to be key players in the said industries as soon as introduction of flagship projects has been undertaken.


The provision of solutions and better alternatives to current issues being faced by the country in the area of real estate development and construction will be the prime drive of the corporation to move towards progress.

Development Foresight

A development that is designed to give comfort and security to Filipino homeowners despite the ambiguity of human and natural elements through Japanese design and technology.